30 Best Free Webflow Website Templates in 2024

ShowCased Free Webflow Website Template

Free Webflow Template

MinimalGoods Free Webflow Template

Free Webflow Template

WEGLOT Free Webflow Website Template

Free Webflow Template

Nside Free Webflow Website Template

Free Webflow Template

T.Ricks Free Webflow Website Template

Free Webflow Template

Avocado Free Webflow Website Template

Free Webflow Template

RYTHM Free Webflow Website Template

Free Webflow Template

Circle Free Webflow Website Template

Free Webflow Template

CoVILLA Free Webflow Website Template

Free Webflow Template

VEEZA Free Webflow Website Template

Free Webflow Template


Introduced Free Webflow Website Templates.

In the rapidly evolving world of web design, finding the right website template can be a game-changer for businesses and creatives alike. As we step into 2024, the demand for visually stunning, user-friendly websites continues to surge.With Webflow gaining momentum as a go-to platform for building modern and responsive sites without code, the need for high-quality Free Webflow Website Templates has never been greater.

In this article, we present a curated selection of the 30 Best Free Webflow Website Templates in 2024, offering an opportunity to explore innovative designs and powerful functionality without breaking the bank.

30 Best Free Webflow Templates in 2024

1. Ultra Gradients

Ultra Gradients in Webflow is a dynamic and customizable template designed for Webflow users to create visually stunning gradient effects effortlessly. This innovative tool empowers designers to easily incorporate vibrant and eye-catching gradients into their web projects.

Ultra Gradients Free Webflow Template
Ultra Gradients - Free Webflow Website Template

Ultra Gradients in Webflow is a dynamic and customizable template.

Ultra Gradients Webflow Template

2. Showcasesearch

ShowcaseSearch is a beautifully crafted tool developed within Webflow that revolutionizes the way users explore and discover website showcases. This innovative feature allows individuals to seamlessly navigate through a curated collection of websites built using Webflow.

Showcasesearch Free Webflow Template
Showcasesearch - Free Webflow Website Template

ShowcaseSearch is a beautifully crafted tool developed within Webflow.

Showcasesearch Webflow Template

3. Kabello

Kabello Design Agency introduces an innovative cloneable template, a versatile and dynamic solution tailored for creatives and businesses seeking an impactful online presence. A seamless blend of aesthetic appeal & functionality, empowering users to effortlessly create stunning websites that captivate audiences.

Kabello Free Webflow Template
Kabello - Free Webflow Website Template

Kabello Design Agency's template powers captivating websites.

Kabello Webflow Template

4. Cards 2.0

Cards 2.0, is a Symbol-based Framework/UI Kit designed for the swift creation of your next landing page project. With over 100 pre-built symbols and elements, this kit is a valuable resource for UI/UX designers and developers, facilitating the rapid design or high-fidelity wireframing process.

Cards 2.0 Free Webflow Template
Cards 2.0 - Free Webflow Website Template

Cards 2.0 is a rapid landing page creation kit with a Symbol-based Framework/UI.

Cards 2.0 Webflow Template


GSAP stands as a dynamic toolkit, serving as a powerhouse for animation enthusiasts and designers alike. This versatile toolset injects life into web elements, offering an array of animation possibilities, from subtle transitions to complex motion sequences.

GSAP Free Webflow Template
GSAP - Free Webflow Website Template

GSAP in Webflow: Elevating web experiences with captivating interactivity.

GSAP Webflow Template

6. 20 Line Hover

20 Line Hover Animations represents a collection of captivating and dynamic hover effects exclusively crafted within Webflow. This compilation showcases a diverse range of 20 intricate line-based animations designed to elevate user interaction and engagement on websites.

20 CSS Line Hover Free Webflow Template
20 Line Hover - Free Webflow Website Template

20 Line Hover Animations: Elevating user interaction in Webflow,

20 Line Hover Webflow Template

7. Prospero Ecommerce

Prospero, the latest addition to your Webflow design arsenal—a modular UI Kit tailored to swiftly craft a refined online store. With its emphasis on large visuals, elegant typography, and generous whitespace, Prospero seamlessly enhances your brand's aesthetic.

Prospero Free Webflow Template
Prospero - Free Webflow Website Template

Prospero: Enhancing brand aesthetics for sleek Webflow online stores.

Prospero Webflow Template

8. Relume

Relume Timeline Cloneable is a versatile & customizable template designed for Webflow users, offering a user-friendly solution to create interactive and visually engaging timelines. This cloneable template simplifies the process of designing & implementing timelines, enabling creators to showcase content in chronological order with ease.

Relume Free Webflow Template
Relume - Free Webflow Website Template

Relume Timeline Cloneable is a versatile & customizable template designed for Webflow.

Relume Webflow Template

9. Cards

Cards - Webflow UI Kit embodies a versatile collection of meticulously designed elements, tailored exclusively for Webflow users. This comprehensive kit offers a rich assortment of customizable cards, empowering designers and developers to effortlessly create visually appealing and responsive interfaces.

Cards Free Webflow Template
Cards - Free Webflow Website Template

Webflow UI Kit Is a versatile collection for crafting captivating and responsive interfaces.

Cards Webflow Template


WEGLOT Webflow Website is a powerful tool designed within Webflow, offering seamless multilingual capabilities to ensure website content can be effectively translated and localized, enhancing global accessibility and user engagement.

Weglot Free Webflow Template
Translate - Free Webflow Website Template

Translate Webflow Website is a powerful tool designed within Webflow.

Translate Webflow Template


NSIDE stands as a dynamic and adaptable Webflow template specifically tailored for agencies and studios seeking a versatile online presence. The template is meticulously structured with six static pages, encompassing five CMS pages for dynamic content management, and an additional three utility pages.

Nside Free Webflow Template
NSIDE - Free Webflow Website Template

NSIDE is a dynamic Webflow template for evolving agency and studio needs.

NSIDE Webflow Template


T.RICKS Menu + Slider presents a seamlessly integrated menu and slider designed within Webflow, offering an intuitive and interactive navigation experience coupled with visually engaging slider elements, enhancing user interaction and website aesthetics.

T.Ricks Free Webflow Template
T.RICKS -Free Webflow Website Template

T.RICKS Menu + Slider: Streamlined navigation & engaging sliders enhance the Webflow experience.

T.RICKS Webflow Template

13. Avocado

Avocado - Webflow UI Kit is a comprehensive collection of meticulously crafted elements designed exclusively within Webflow. This versatile kit empowers designers and developers with a rich assortment of customizable components, enabling the creation of visually appealing & highly functional interfaces.

Avocado Free Webflow Template
Avocado - Free Webflow Website Template

Avocado - Webflow UI Kit is a creatively crafted element for stunning interfaces.

Avocado Webflow Template

14. Nero

Cloneable Start-up Template is a flexible, ready-to-use framework within Webflow that has been precisely built to speed up the launch of start-ups' online presence. This template has a configurable and responsive style, allowing new businesses to quickly create an impactful and professional website.

Nero Free Webflow Template
Nero - Free Webflow Website Template

Cloneable Start-up Template for a professional, rapid-launch Webflow framework.

Nero Webflow Template


RYTHM, a complimentary Webflow CMS template, is meticulously crafted for crafting agency or studio websites. Its user-friendly layout offers adaptability across various projects, ensuring ease of customization and seamless integration.

RYTHM Free Webflow Template
RYTHM - Free Webflow Website Template

RYTHM: Free Webflow CMS template for adaptable agency/studio websites.

RYTHM Webflow Template

16. Сircle Website

Circle serves as an invaluable platform, providing the essential knowledge and tools necessary for aspiring entrepreneurs aiming to establish a prosperous e-commerce startup. Individuals can delve into core subjects encompassing management strategies, financial insights, and the art of crafting impactful websites.

Circle Free Webflow Template
Сircle Website - Free Webflow Website Template

Circle: Empowering entrepreneurs with key e-commerce insights for success.

Сircle Webflow Template

17. Matteo Fabbiani

This website showcases my brand design portfolio and serves as a marketing platform. You're welcome to duplicate the project and leverage its interactive elements. If you find it valuable, your feedback with a thumbs-up is much appreciated!

Matteo Fabbiani Free Webflow Template
Matteo Fabbiani - Free Webflow Website Template

Matteo Fabbiani is a marketing site—duplicate and engage; your thumbs-up means a lot.

Matteo Fabbiani Webflow Template

18. Pitch Webflow Rebuild

Webflow Rebuild is a demonstration of the limitless possibilities achievable within Webflow, showcasing a meticulously crafted, fully functional site rebuilt entirely within the platform and illustrating its prowess in creating stunning, responsive, and dynamic websites without the need for coding expertise.

Pitch Free Webflow Template
Pitch Webflow Rebuild - Free Webflow Website Template

Webflow Rebuilds crafting stunning, functional sites without coding expertise.

Pitch Webflow Template


COVILLA, a free CMS template, offers unique and versatile interactive features suitable for diverse projects, seamlessly adaptable to tablet and mobile devices. Some features in the template offer complexity beyond the usual, but I'm here to assist with tutorials if needed.

Covilla Free Webflow Template
COVILLA - Free Webflow Website Template

COVILLA: Free CMS template for diverse projects, mobile-ready, with feature tutorials.

COVILLA Webflow Template

20. Solveig

Solveig is a finely crafted Portfolio Webflow Template, meticulously designed to cater to freelancers, designers, businesses, or individuals seeking an exceptional platform. It offers a seamless and visually captivating showcase, presenting work or services with elegance and professionalism.

Solveig Free Webflow Template
Solveig - Free Webflow Website Template

Solveig: Refined Webflow template for showcasing work or services.

Solveig Webflow Template

21. Flow Design

Webflow Freelancer encapsulates a tailored platform crafted exclusively within Webflow, designed to facilitate the workflow of freelance professionals, offering a seamless and efficient environment for project management and client collaboration.

Flow Design Free Webflow Template
Flow Design - Free Webflow Website Template

Webflow Freelancer: Streamlining project and client collaboration in Webflow.

Flow Design Webflow Template


MIRROR, meticulously crafted within the Webflow environment, stands as a versatile platform meticulously designed to offer effortless customization and enhanced functionality across a diverse spectrum of creative projects. It excels in delivering an immersive, interactive, and visually captivating experience for its users.

Mirror Free Webflow Template
MIRROR - Free Webflow Website Template

MIRROR: Versatile Webflow platform for immersive, customizable experiences.

MIRROR Webflow Template

23. Lifehouse church

The Free Template for Churches is a meticulously crafted resource within Webflow, thoughtfully designed to cater to the unique needs of religious organizations. It provides a complimentary and comprehensive framework, empowering the creation of engaging and functional websites tailored specifically for churches.

Lifehouse Church Free Webflow Template
Lifehouse church - Free Webflow Website Template

Free Template for Churches: Webflow resource for engaging church websites.

Lifehouse church Webflow Template


EMPATHY, meticulously crafted within Webflow, stands as a user-centric platform placing paramount importance on fostering understanding and connection. It achieves this through intentional design choices that create thoughtful, interactive, and engaging experiences for its users.

Empathy Free Webflow Template
EMPATHY - Free Webflow Website Template

EMPATHY is a Webflow platform fostering understanding and engaging design choices.

EMPATHY Webflow Template

25. Audigent

Audigent is a dynamic and adaptable digital marketing template designed to elevate your online presence effortlessly. Packed with sleek page scroll animations and a plethora of customizable features, this template is a game-changer for anyone seeking to captivate their audience in the digital sphere.

Audigent Free Webflow Template
Audigent - Free Webflow Website Template

Audigent: Presence effortlessly with dynamic design and captivating features.

Audigent Webflow Template

26. Veeza

Veeza opens the doors to real estate investing, providing unparalleled insights and guidance, and serving as the ultimate resource for success. Discover luxury at Your Ascension within Veeza—where your dream home awaits in the world of real estate.

Veeza Free Webflow Template
Veeza - Free Webflow Website Template

Veeza: Your gateway to real estate success and luxury.

Veeza Webflow Template

27. SION

The website was created to promote the company's #SaveSion campaign, which was extremely successful in gathering significant cash for the vehicle's development. Aside from my first gift, I saw this initiative as a chance to increase support for the company by disseminating the campaign through my different networks.

SION Free Webflow Template
SION - Free Webflow Website Template

#SaveSion, created using Webflow, is a flourishing campaign hub.

SION Webflow Template

28. yrFolio

Benefit from a complimentary pre-formatted portfolio website template and a highly adaptable page to ensure a seamless experience. This template offers a responsive design and incorporates all essential features required for crafting creative webflow websites that perfectly showcase your portfolio.

yrFolio Free Webflow Template
yrFolio - Free Webflow Website Template

yrFolio portfolio template with a seamless design for effortless creativity showcasing.

yrFolio Webflow Template

29. rule studio

Enter Rule Studio: Your Portal to Contemporary, Aesthetic Web Design. Experience our chic architectural website template, characterized by a sleek monochrome design, enriched with captivating animations for a refined, modern visual allure.

rule studio Free Webflow Template
rule studio - Free Webflow Website Template

Rule Studio - where modern aesthetics meet innovative web design.

rule studio Webflow Template

30. K.ND

K.ND is a remarkable and meticulously crafted template created within the Webflow platform. This dynamic design embodies elegance, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, promising to elevate your online presence with its sophisticated features and captivating style.

K.ND Free Webflow Template
K.ND - Free Webflow Website Template

K.ND: Crafted with Webflow's creative template design.

K.ND Webflow Template

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WhiteCollar meticulously crafted Webflow template for creative, professional service backed by extensive research.

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